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"The South Shall Rise Again!" - richdon03 Again!, Rise, Shall, South,
They're trying awfully hard to bring back the America of the 1950's. Guess I'll not be taking any of my nieces and nephews on a trip to Texas, even with a notarized custody letter.

Stay classy, Texas!
Guess Who's Back, Back Again! - ClaesXCummings Again!, Back, Whos, Guess,
ThasNasty's Back! Tell A Friend!

Yay! was so happy to get a tweet from Rich saying the forum is back up! :laughing:

In case you don't know who I am, I am the one and only Claes. Cam Girl Extraordinaire! lol jk i don't know if I'm really that awesome.

I was a member of ThasNasty before the 'shutdown' but I'll admit I wasn't around often, mostly because I didn't have the time but it was also partially because my pothead memory forgot all about it when I got myself a Vanilla job in retail.

BTW working a 'real' job sucks, I don't mind my job but I wish I was able to make enough camming to support myself. But camming is not a very secure career so I had to bite the bullet and get a vanilla job. Also my resume was starting to look bare without current work and I can't really be like Yeah, I've been getting naked online for money for the past 2 years and expect to get hired.

Anywhoo, Glad to be back, Sooo glad ThasNasty is back & I look forward to chatting with you all in...
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