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Force Attack - Johnnyandholly Attack, Force,

This is one of the wicked flying and advanced war game ever. You're the pilot of a fighter plane and the enemy has launched a massive assault. The object of this game is you must clear the land, sea and air of all hostile activity. The points are calculated by the number of enemy planes that you shoot down. Watch out, this game picks up pace real quick and don't forget to collect the power-ups along the way...Shoot down anything that moves!

· Fly Your Plane = Use Arrow Keys
· Blow Bombs = Use Space Bar
Heart Attack Grill - charles-smythe Grill, Attack, Heart,
Man has heart attack eating TripleBypassBurger at Heart Attack Grill -Burger-restaurant-called-Heart-Attack-Grill.html

This burger comes in at 6,000 calories. The Heart Attack Grill is in Las Vegas.

Actual pic of the Triple-Bypass-Burger below.
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