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sooo I got an early Birthday gift - chumchum gift, Birthday, early, sooo,
So i've recently started talking to this guy who is not really my type but I said to hell with it. So I go to his house and I find out he's married but his wife was really chill. Next thing you know i'm making out with him and she is touching me every where so I switch and i'm making out with her and she had the softest lips in the world. I start sucking his cock and she's pushing my head down on him barely giving me enough time to catch my breath spit was everywhere next thing you know he's bending me over and me being me I thought he.would slide in gently. Well I was wrong it felt like he put every ounce of force into his thrust knocking the air out of me causing me to collapse onto the bed as he's banging the life out of me I feel a wet finger on my butthole (i've never done anal) this perks my attention so I look back and she's rubbing my ass with lube then she ask have you ever done anal sweetheart I say no she replies well now you have she pulls her husbands dick out of my pussy and sets the tip of his head on my asshole. He slowly starts to inch his way in me all I could...
Happy Birthday, Azgirl! - richdon03 Azgirl!, Birthday, Happy,
Happy Birthday, sexy. I hope you have an exciting weekend. Please share pictures if you get Nasty!
Baker Boys Birthday - Gooblaster Birthday, Boys, Baker,
Happy Birthday Baker Boy!!
Happy Birthday, Chumchum! - richdon03 Chumchum!, Birthday, Happy,
It's Chumchum's birthday! everybody wish her a happy ThasNasty! birthday!

Here is my gift idea!
Happy Birthday, Proline! - richdon03 Proline!, Birthday, Happy,
Happy Birthday Azgirl! - Chimoti Azgirl!, Birthday, Happy,
Happy Birthday! Hope you are having wild toe curling sex somewhere, with somebody special!
Happy Birthday Fast! - Chimoti Fast!, Birthday, Happy,
Hopefully you will have a great story to add to the strip club thread! :D
Happy Birthday, Kellbell! - richdon03 Kellbell!, Birthday, Happy,
Happy birthday, Kell! I hope you have an amazing day!
Happy Birthday, Chum Chum - richdon03 Chum, Birthday, Happy,
I've been thinking about what I could get you for your birthday! 4l9o1_500+fine+ass+women+ttt.gif

I hope you had a great day, sexy!
Tabitha's Wild Birthday Party - richdon03 Party, Birthday, Wild, Tabithas,
Tabitha and her friends get on a party bus for their wild and crazy birthday party. Horny Birds.

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A Birthday Surprise | Risk Sex: Impregnation MF Group - Zach29 Group, Impregnation, Risk, Surprise, Birthday,
This story is copied from The Impregnorium.

A Birthday Surprise
AUTHOR  Ithiaca
CODES  MF, Group, Impreg? Preg
DATE ADDED  8th July, 2007
[email protected]

Melody was feeling pensive about the current situation, as she stretched out on the couch, owned by her and life partner Michael. See his Birthday was coming up and she wanted to have something to surprise him. But she was running out of Ideas, Absently rubbing her five- (5) month pregnant swollen belly and smiling gently at the feel of the twins in her. This being a gift to her on Valentines Day of all things, she sighed in frustration.

Man, this is going to be tough, she thought. What can I get for him or do, that he has not gotten before hand, I mean hell becoming pregnant for him would have been a way, but that has already...
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