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Book A Live Skype Show Here! - ClaesXCummings Here!, Show, Skype, Live, Book,
So I tried to embed my booking form here. But I guess the code was too complicated for a forum. Oh well, no biggie. Here's the link to the form instead!
Book Coupon? - Valentinaxoxo Coupon, Book,
I have no idea how this works, I am just going to pass this on....

My ebook on smashwords can be purchased for 50% off, only where I share this code.....BU25Q.

This is what it says, since i have NO IDEA how to do it:

Please share this code with prospective customers on your fan email lists, your blog or website, your social networks, or in your press releases and other promotions.

Customers enter the code prior to completing their checkout

I do know that this is ONLY for the Smashwords Digital download......
ThasNasty! Book of World Records - missannethroap1 Records, World, Book, ThasNasty!,
Here, you can list any outstanding personal sexual achievements you have or have achieved.

Biggest/smallest cock or tits.
Most or least amount of cum in your ejaculate.
Distance of male ejaculate or female squirt.
Number of partners.
Number of partners at one time.
Most orgasms.
Stories explaining your best or worst fuck and/or fuck partner.
Craziest place had sex.

You get the idea.

Please, make this about your pesonal sex records.
And, since this is the internet and we have no way of verifying, please don't exaggerat as realness is much hotter than sensationalism. (But, if you do have pics or anything, please post. I'd LOVE to see the world's tiniest titties.) Not, that any true ThasNasty! members would deceive, but there are trolls.
Valentina's Book - richdon03 Book, Valentinas,
I just began reading it today, and the first thing I noticed was the that the Long island NY accent even comes through in the writing. I can honestly tell you that this woman is a force of nature! I'm gonna love reading this.
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