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Bad Boys II - GradStdnt Boys,
Two of the most funniest parts of the movie....enjoy!!:laughing:
Baker Boys Birthday - Gooblaster Birthday, Boys, Baker,
Happy Birthday Baker Boy!!
Don't Forget The Boys - OneArm Boys, Forget, Dont,
Good Morning Boys n Girls - Valentinaxoxo Girls, Boys, Morning, Good,
Happy Friday!! I have to tell you, I am so very proud of myself. Not because I had a BANG OUT day yesterday with my most amazing client, who brought be breakfast AND lunch........

Not because I went out with the girls last night and had a great time. (and caught a wicked hangover!)

No....I am so proud because this morning after my friend left me, dripping wet because he did not want to take advantage of me (really?) I had the worlds BEST hangover orgasm, and then....this is the best part....

I made a fritatta....french fries in the pan....drizzle egg over it and then broiled that bad boy up, threw some ketchup on and BAM!!!

I sware there is a domestic goddess somewhere in there......itching to get out. I think I should get pregnant and married and all that stuff.
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