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House Of Broken Promises doing the Stroke - Johnnyandholly Stroke, doing, Promises, Broken, House,
The Continuing Saga of the Broken "Touch" - Touch Touch, Broken, Saga, Continuing,
No, not another story. Noone voted on my 'Stories' thread anyway! :rolleyes:

Just more whining.

I had to cancel my second appointment last night because I'm still broken from Sunday night. Part way through the first, I felt the twinges of a couple muscles in my arm and shoulder going, so played it safe and postponed the second to tonight.

So, I'm sitting here in my underwear reeking of Icy Hot working on myself to get things fixed... very sexy, huh? :eek:

And the thing about Icy Hot and hands... you've gotta remember not to touch those sensitive parts. So, nobody turn me on, k? :P
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