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Can't ejaculate from oral sex... - orallover1972 sex..., oral, from, ejaculate, Cant,
I'm 41 and never have I been able to cum from oral sex.
I can stay hard for as long as my partner wants me too even during intercourse but when it cums to hunmers I can't get off ever.
It's frustration to say the least but I usually end up giving her a creampie which sometimes I go down in her after.
I just want to know if there's an underlying issue here or what I can do about it.
Would You Ever Cheat On Your Spouse or Significant Other? - richdon03 Other, Significant, Spouse, Your, Cheat, Ever, Would,
Would you ever consider cheating on your spouse or significant other? If you would, how would you do it? If you have, how did you do it? Did you use a site like Ashley Madison?

As for me, I did it once, using that site. Well, more than once, with the same woman. It was sort of a revenge fuck, though. I had a bit of guilt, but it needed to be done. It was a lot of work finding a partner in crime, but I got it done. How about you?
Tanner Mayes Can't Get Enough Pussy - richdon03 Pussy, Enough, Cant, Mayes, Tanner,
Jason Anderson Can't You See Marshall Tucker Cover music video - Johnnyandholly video, music, Cover, Tucker, Marshall, Cant, Anderson, Jason,
Can't You Knock First? - Zach29 First, Knock, Cant,
Incest: Brother, Sister, surprise, first time, analingus, cum swallowing

As many of you can tell, I like erotic stories.  Unfortunately, my life is not as exciting as my imagination.  I like all kinds of erotica, as long as it is between consenting adults, and  serendipitous incest has always held a place of fascination to me, especially when it is accidental encounters between siblings.  The following story, for me, is a perfect fit.  What I will continue to do is share stories that I find interesting, that I have discovered in other places over the months and years.  The following story was found at Literotica and, to the best of my knowledge, is purely fictitious.

I appreciate feedback, so don't be afraid to share it.

Can't You Knock First?

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