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Private Messaging Changes - richdon03 Changes, Messaging, Private,
Effective, immediately, the intended recipient of private messages must be on your buddy list. That means that, in order to send a private message to another member, that member must have received and ACCEPTED a buddy request. The level of abuse by members who don't participate in this forum has gotten to such a level that we are losing the few active female members. It is sad that it had to come to this, but here we are.
Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne - Changes - (The Video) - Johnnyandholly Video, Changes, Osbourne, Kelly, Ozzy,
Forum Changes Are In The Works!!! - admin Works!!!, Changes, Forum,
I can't apologize strongly enough for the sudden change in the forum appearance, but I finally had enough with the content management system I was using. I promise, the change will be for the better.

The following items have been activated:

*shout box Currently at the bottom of the page, but that will change.

*User Albums This one works. Please be aware that guests will not be allowed to see your albums, because guests cannot see your profiles.

* Forum Gallery

* Tapatalk : If you have an iPhone, Android, or blackberry, you can download the app from Tapatalk and view the forum in a the proper format for your device.

Many more things are coming.
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