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The Date - duk22 Date,
First story here. Hope you like.


I met her in High school. Misty. A busty blue eyed blonde. We had several of our classes together,and quickly became friends. It was not long before I wanted more. It was even hard for me to make it,through the day,with out jerking off. I finally got the urge up to ask her out. And o my surprise,She said yes.

So I arrived at her house,around 4:00. Her Mom answerd the door. I was not quite sure,what to think. She was bra less. And only wearing a Winston 500 tee shirt,and a black pair of bikini panties. No way my Mom would invite someone in to the house,dressed like that. Her long red hair was i a tight ponytail.

She invited me in,and offer'd me a cold beer. Thinking it was some kind of test. I turned it down. She then offer'd me a cigarette. Which I took. I sat on the couch. Watching her,as she washed dishes. Looking at her sexy legs,my dick got hard. Then Misty's sister walked in.

Hi Mikey. She said passing through the room. Wearing only a 2 piece bikini. My cock strained...
The Date - dunkirk Date,

It was late I could hear her car pull into our driveway. I waited with extreme anticipation, not knowing what to expect?... she had called me late afternoon to tell me she was having dinner with her new beau, told me to wait up for her.

I had been a couple of weeks that I had planted the seed, so to speak..

Wait, let me get this straight, you want me to take on a Lover and you're going to be ok with it

Yes, I think it would be good for you, and our marriage, I responded

She drew on her cigarette while her mind tried to conceive the reason behind my odd request.

She exhaled and looked me deep in the eyes,

Now if I find a Man I like I might want to see him on a regular basis, is that going to be a problem?

No I replied, I think the change would be good for you, for us?

Lets say I go ahead with crazy idea of yours, that doesn't mean you can take on a Mistress, understand, you still good with that arrangement?
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