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Ever had a guy cum inside your ass, mouth, or pussy when you told him not too - glen68 told, when, pussy, mouth, your, inside, Ever,
Describe in detail your experience and reaction
Have You Ever Had An Incestuous Encounter? - richdon03 Encounter, Incestuous, Ever, Have,
This is a private poll, so feel free to vote, if you don't want to comment. My answer is yes. When I was a child, I had some incestuous interaction, that did not involve intercourse, with several of my cousins.
Would You Ever Cheat On Your Spouse or Significant Other? - richdon03 Other, Significant, Spouse, Your, Cheat, Ever, Would,
Would you ever consider cheating on your spouse or significant other? If you would, how would you do it? If you have, how did you do it? Did you use a site like Ashley Madison?

As for me, I did it once, using that site. Well, more than once, with the same woman. It was sort of a revenge fuck, though. I had a bit of guilt, but it needed to be done. It was a lot of work finding a partner in crime, but I got it done. How about you?
GloryHole: Best BlowJob I've Ever Seen - richdon03 Seen, Ever, BlowJob, Best, GloryHole,
Came across this along with a bunch of videos. I've always had a fantasy about going to a gloryhole. My concern is that, on the other side of that wall, will be a man, and I don't roll that way. However, judging from the quality of this guy's work, I might have to reconsider my position. NYU Jock.mp4
Cams: You Never Know What's Gonna Happen - richdon03 Happen, Gonna, Whats, Know, Never, Cams,
One of the reasons I like cam sites is because they're kinda unpredictable.

While I learned about this one from a tweet, I have seen one girl break down on chaturbate and, like this, I couldn't stop watching. I may have even tipped her. Am I a terrible person?
The Dumbest Thing Ever - missannethroap1 Ever, Thing, Dumbest,
Let's hear you admit the stupiderest thing you've ever done/said.

Don't be mean and talk about others' idiocy.
I could fill 2 internets with that thread.
Only, things you've done.
Things so dumb, you've only admitted to someone super close or no one at all. So dumb that you're more comfortable admitting your nastiest most perverted kink in front of a Sunday School class with your grandmother in it than you are admitting it here on an anonymous site.

I'll start:

I was 20. I was preparing the bedroom for my 1st child. I wanted my favorite shade of light blue paint to be on the walls when my son came home from the hospital. I went to a home improvement store and started looking at a very large paint selection. After looking at several brands of paint, all with a number of different labels. I got a little confused. Gloss white, satin white, flat white - each type of paint had 6-8 different versions of white. I looked around. Up and down 3 massive aisles of paint. I finally approached the very non-helpful clerk who'd been chatting with someone...
Ever hear of a Jack and Jill party - missannethroap1 party, Jill, Jack, hear, Ever,
Evidently, just before my sexual escapedes began, the country was very worried (and justly so) about the transmission of the newly discovered AIDS virus. For people to still be able to have as much fun as safely as passible, they would host parties where penetration wasn't allowed. Everyone would get into a group and Jack Off or Jill Off - for the ladies. They would play games like spin the bottle or strip poker to still keep it a social interaction.
I remember the air of fear surrounding sex at that time, though I was still a virgin. It seems a bit odd looking at how we know how to protect ourselves from such things today.

Has anyone ever taken part in one of these parties? What was it like?
Sound like fun to anyone?
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