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First post in here - Dantheman75 here, post, First,
So I'll go first. Who has BDSM experience?
This Was My First Car - richdon03 First, This,
Well, not THIS car, specifically. My first car was a 1972 Datsun 510, like this one, with mag wheels. When the timing chain went on the original engine, we replaced that with a motor from a Datsun 1600. Dual carbs, yada, yada.

In any case, it was super-quick and lots of fun to drive. It was also surprisingly luxurious, for a Datsun.
Our First ABS Experience-[GH-41]-part-1-of-1 - charles-smythe Experience GH 41 part 1 of 1, First,
Our First ABS Experience
Well our first experience having sex and being watched happened a few years ago. I jokingly suggested going to an adult bookstore. I’d heard of one where they did lap dances and had a couple's lounge for couples to make out. Well my fiancé, Burt was so turned on he wanted to go through with that evening.
I’d suggested it as a joke and hesitated about actually going. Even though I said, No, but a big part of me was turned on. I wondered if I could actually make out and fondle each other in a public place with others watching. It wouldn’t be like two teenagers kissing on the back row of the local movie theater while a John Wayne was playing. This would be serious kissing and touching with other adults and from what I’ve heard perverts openly watching.
I took a hot shower and shaved under my arms, my legs and special attention to my pussy, leaving only a landing strip…small tuft above. When it came time to start getting dressed, I was still...
First Taste of Cock-[GF-39]-part-1-of-3 - charles-smythe Cock GF 39 part 1 of 3, Taste, First,
First Taste of Cock

Austin's dick twitched as he waited for what he knew was going to happen. He thought back to how this whole thing had started and knew that deep down, he did want this. In the dark recesses of his mind, these thoughts had made themselves known and he had started everything with his question.

His wife Brooke was sucking on him in that slow and deliberate way she used, taking her time to get him hard, his balls swelling as she delayed his release. He watched as her head bobbed up and down, her lips sliding easily over his saliva-covered cock.

What would you say if you saw me doing that? he casually asked her.

Her head shot up and she looked at him. Where the hell did that come from? she asked.

It’s just a question. Something I read on Literotica. The question was posed to women about how they would react if they saw their man sucking on another man's dick.

She looked at him, her hand still wrapped around his shaft, contemplating her answer.
My First cock-[GF-01]-part-1-of-1 - charles-smythe cock GF 01 part 1 of 1, First,
My First Cock

I ran a personal ad on Craigslist:--Are you married or str8 and curious about letting a man suck your cock? – 45

I'm married, but I was curious about what it would be like to suck a cock. So I placed the CL ad. After screening through all the replies and exchanging some pictures and very hot and naughty emails, I met Paul a married man at his house while his wife was away.

When he answered the door I asked, “Paul?”


I answered, “Yes,” as we shook hands. I saw that he was wearing Levis but no shirt as I did a head to toe scan. He had dark hair that I would later realize was curly when dry. He was a little over 6-feet tall, muscular, six pack abs, lightly hair pecs and a happy trail which got thicker around the navel and spread out slight as it disappeared into the top of his Levis.

We were both kind of nervous but I had already told Paul about what turned me on so we went straight...
Real Amateur Ebony Lesbians' First Time - richdon03 Time, First, Lesbians, Ebony, Amateur, Real,
This is a private recording of a group of three young Ebony college girls playing with girls, for the first time, on Spring Break in Panama City. It starts out kind of slow because they are playing, at first, but I kept on watching, because they were so cute After each of them gets a taste of pussy (giving and receiving), it's cool to see just how into it they get. Great clip! Yes, I nutted! I'll bet they didn't record what happened later that night. Glad someone decided to share this clip, though. I haven't enjoyed an amateur lez video, this much, in a long, long time.

First Night Out - ClaesXCummings Night, First,
First Night Out

Act 1: Prelude To Party

O.M.G Samantha shouted, I cannot believe you've never been to the club!

She is of course saying this to me, a meek 19 year old student at the University of Ottawa. I'm nothing special, plain face, pale complexion, a modest taste in fashion. I haven't changed my hairstyle since grade 9, besides the biannual trims to keep it that way. It's always been the same light blonde at shoulder length, that fell naturally straight. My pale blue eyes hide behind a wave of hair and a set of thick rimmed glasses. Not those hipster glasses that take up my whole face, I try not to attract a lot of attention to myself. I'm a 'normal-sized' girl with 'average-sized' breasts. I'm pretty damn average.

I've never had a boyfriend before, not that I wanted one, I like to stay focused on my schoolwork. Sure I've been led on as a joke a few times, by the guys in high school.  I never could understand how someone as plain as myself would become a target for bullies, I guess they can smell my lack of...
First time - guy_8587 time, First,
Everyone remembers their first time so how bout we compare stories huh? If you guys are interested i could get the ball rolling.
First post..few pics of the wife - samhouston2556 wife, pics, post..few, First,
Let me know what y'all think

My First Porn Video -- Saucy Pizza Girls - richdon03 Girls, Pizza, Saucy, Video, Porn, First,
Hot and Saucy Pizza Girls, starring John C. Holmes, was the very first porn video I ever saw. I was a freshman in College, and watched it at the Rebel Drive-In, in Austin Texas. The movie starred Desiree Cousteau, Laurien Dominique, Christine De Shaffer, and Candida Royale. Now, THAT was porn!
First Party House Visit-[SW-02]- - charles-smythe Visit SW 02 , House, Party, First,
First Party House Visit
She looked at me, nodded and said, “Its OK, I’ll be fine.”
I got out of the tub, dried off and left to find the restroom.
I'd killed a few minutes checking out the group room again and was on my way back to the hot tub when I met Linda and Dave walking my way hand in hand. They both had a towel wrapped around them. Linda walked up to me, took my hand, gave me a kiss and said, “Come on. We’re going to play a little bit.” She then led both Dave and I down the hall to one of the semi-private rooms.
We found a private area with a mattress on the floor. Linda took off her towel and threw it on the floor, then grabbed both Dave’s and my towels and jerked them from our bodies. Dave and I were both standing there with our cocks standing straight up, hard and ready for action. I could see why Linda was attracted to him. Dave’s cock was at least 10-inches long and very thick. Linda walked...
Your First Swinger Party - richdon03 Party, Swinger, First, Your,
I was just reading a post on another forum about a couple who had just experienced their first swinger party, and it reminded me of our first one.

I had mentioned to my wife that I always wanted to watch a live sex show. She went searching on the internet and came across the website of a local swinger who threw parties in the next state. My wife decided that, for our seventh anniversary, we would go to this party, and we did. I'll not go into too much detail, other than to say that, while we didn't actually participate, we got more than our fill of observation, a few kisses, and had the most incredible experience of our lives, up to that point.. and amazing sex after. I was immediately addicted to the open sexual atmosphere,and found that, even though most of the participants were much older than we were, it was one of the most arousing few hours of my life. We are approaching our 20th anniversary, soon, and I still get off to some of the scenes, that night. The lady who put on the party was 62, then. I suspect she's...
Your First Time - bigsc Time, First, Your,
Thought I'd do my part in keeping the forum busy by trying my hand at starting a post... lest see how it goes

Do you remember your first time?
What were you scared of, and what do you regret? Now that you're experienced, how good was it, really? Do you still keep in contact with the person, or are they long gone?

I'd love to hear everyone's stories, and maybe even see a picture or two :cool:
Can't You Knock First? - Zach29 First, Knock, Cant,
Incest: Brother, Sister, surprise, first time, analingus, cum swallowing

As many of you can tell, I like erotic stories.  Unfortunately, my life is not as exciting as my imagination.  I like all kinds of erotica, as long as it is between consenting adults, and  serendipitous incest has always held a place of fascination to me, especially when it is accidental encounters between siblings.  The following story, for me, is a perfect fit.  What I will continue to do is share stories that I find interesting, that I have discovered in other places over the months and years.  The following story was found at Literotica and, to the best of my knowledge, is purely fictitious.

I appreciate feedback, so don't be afraid to share it.

Can't You Knock First?

First Lesbian experience - Zach29 experience, Lesbian, First,
This was copied from Literotica.

Her First Time

By wvbutterfly©

Tags: lesbian, first time, cunnilingus

She walked in. I knew it was her from her pictures. She was just as pretty as her pictures were too. In my mind, I could see the other pictures she sent me as well, and I could imagine how her breasts were moving as she walked. We 'met' online. I responded to an ad she had put on one of those free sites, looking for another female. She was curious and had decided to take that next step. I had been looking for someone to play with, a friend with benefits, I suppose you could say, for some time. I am picky about my 'friends' though, and wanted someone of above average looks. And honey, where I'm from, that's hard to come by!

So we decided to meet at this little café somewhere in between where we both live. And this was the...
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