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My Girlfriend & I. - CaribC Girlfriend,
About a year ago, before pregnancy and stretch marks. :(

B/B My New Girlfriend Is My Younger Brother (True) - richdon03 True, Brother, Younger, Girlfriend,
From Reddit/r/incest

Title: My Girlfriend Is My Younger Brother
Author: Ager_

Some background here, but both my brother and I are gay, but we didn't realize it at quite the same time. My brother, Andrew (not his real name), figured out he was gay super early on- we're talking when he was 14. At that time I was more interested in chasing skirts at school to pay much attention to the drama at home, but things between my parents and Andrew got really heated, and there was a lot of tension for a while.
Basically they'd found him wanking off to a gay magazine he'd gotten from a buddy at school- and like most parents, they flipped the fuck out. He got the dreaded talk, and then they sent him to a 'therapist' to try and find out why he'd 'convinced himself' he was gay. This obviously did fuck all, and I guess they decided that they couldn't reconcile that he was gay with their beliefs- so for his fifteenth birthday they kicked him out.

I'm three years older than he is, and even I hadn't really thought about moving out- but there it...
Amateur Films Girlfriend Squirting - richdon03 Squirting, Girlfriend, Films, Amateur,
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