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Hello - Juppxx Hello,
hello my name is Juppxx.

I hope that we here have a lot of fun together.

Hello from upland Cali - Offroadtoy Cali, upland, from, Hello,
Hey everyone enjoy reading. Some good stuff here.
Hello from Phoenix..... - 1985bears Phoenix....., from, Hello,
Hello everyone, I've been playing around with Backpage, Valentina's site and here. I've never really done the forum thing but with the talents of people like Rich, Touch, Valentinaxoxo and more... I'm going to jump in and give it a go.. and what better topic than sex. I enjoy the fact that people aren't being judged here and there is an underlying sense of family and fun. So, don't be shy to say hello, I'm an easy going, playful man who will always say what is on my mind... ask Valentina what the topic I started in your chat room.. hehehe

thanks and hope to hear from everyone...:rolling_laugh::big-hug:
Hello - steve197 Hello,
Just wanted to sayhi to everyone. I just joined the site last night. I am truly enjoying myself! Hope to get a chance to talk to a lot of you and make some new friends.

Hello from Texas... - Ilikealilfreaky Texas..., from, Hello,
I'm 39 yrs old, and I live a lil to the east of Big the tapatalk app and I ended up here shortly after, figure this could be more entertaining than reality tv...
Hello from Indiana - lafayettemale05 Indiana, from, Hello,
Hello just wanted to stop in and say hi. My soon to be wife and I are talking about inviting a woman for her first time. I have also opened her mind to the idea of her having sex with another man. She now has her eyes a friend (female) who is also interested a young well built male that works at a cell phone store.
I must say she doesn't think she could watch me with another woman. But might give it some thought at some point. However I told her my fantasy revolves around watching her with another man. This excites me to no end.
She also confessed she wasn't to sure about admitting she wanted another male until I brought it up to her.
Our sex is incredible when we engage talking about our fantasy's. Funny how the person you first meet isn't the person you first thought.
I should have said she has her eyes on a female friend for one fantasy and a young male who works at a cell phone store.
Hello From Florida - jaxbchbum Florida, From, Hello,
Hey everyone, new here.. Looking forward to showing off enjoying everyone's company.

Sent from my HTC EVO 3D using Tapatalk
Hello - bigsc Hello,
I found this forum last night, and I've been through just about every thread. All I can say is this place is amazing... the people, the pictures, the stories, all of it!!
I noticed there aren't a huge variety of people who actually post, you can be sure that won't be the case with me..
Anyway, just wanted to say hi to everyone and introduce myself

Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk
Water you Joking? Hello it's me!!! - WLShafor me!!!, Hello, Joking, Water,
Friendly hello from California.

Nice forum you all have going.

A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work.
Hello Boys~ - Valentinaxoxo Boys~, Hello,
Phew. What a few days!!! Aside from my wicked ass-kicking that really left me crippled and down to strictly oral sex, I went to get my haircut on sunday with my sister, and that wench got me sick!! I spent yesterday IN BED throwing whatever I put in my mouth UP!!! I am thinking that my immune system was weaker, or something because I never get sick, and this is like back to back blows!! is everyone? I miss you!!

As for my little boy toy, have not made the move, been too sick LOL.... and have been just really laying low. Matter of fact, right now I am in sweats and a wife-beater on the couch drinking tea.:heart:
Hello Everyone - azjozo13 Everyone, Hello,
Just popping in to say hello to everyone!
Hello All!!! - greatdane68 All!!!, Hello,
Hello everbody!!! As you can tell, I'm not good with intros.
I was on the Backpage forums when I heard about this site. Looks like I'm gonna be glad to be here.
Hello - qrcb60 Hello,
Just found the site. Don't know what to expect but it looks like fun. Glad to be here.
Hello all - DRL1975 Hello,
I'm Daniel just wanted to say hello
Hello ... - Jackhammer043 Hello,
Wow bro looks totally different. Looks awesome ...
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