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Homecoming - solowfr Homecoming,
I found this story on a different site and thought it would be appreciated here. Enjoy the read...

I had got home from work, and relaxing with a beer on the couch, and watching the News. I heard the door open and to my surprise it was my daughter from Tennessee. I looked up at her smiling, and asked how is my baby girl?

My daughter is 26 and very attractive and I had fantasized about her for many years. Lynn looked at me with her sweet smile and said I'm exhausted Daddy... It was a long, hot trip. I'm going to take a shower and freshen up.

I could feel a tingle in my groin area, This was not the first time, but I have to admit she struck me as very beautiful, and I wanted to play with her. I told her that she knew where the bath room was and to take her time while I made dinner. She said ok and went to her old room, which because of my love for her I would never change.

As I cooked dinner, I thought about Lynn and how she looked coming through the door, how her tits...
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