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Greetings from India - Pussy Licker India, from, Greetings,
Hi friends this is Ady from India I just love this forum it's quite interesting to spend time here.
Solar Canals in India - richdon03 India, Canals, Solar,
It is interesting that a nation, such as India is so innovative in both land-sue and alternative energy.

This concept places solar panels ove irrigationa canals, to limit the use of arable land, while reducing the evaporation of the water in the canal by some 237,000 gallons per year, while producing over a megawat of energy.

Here is a link to the story.
Street Dentistry In India - richdon03 India, Dentistry, Street,
I just watched an amazing documentary about the growing practice of street dentistry in India. There are individuals who do a thriving practice and amazing work, for those who cannot afford licensed dentistry. Though I cannot imagine such things ever happening here, but it was interesting that, in spite of the abject poverty in that country, there are people who choose to make their livings providing such services to the poor. They do some pretty extensive work, with modern medical materials (albeit not quite as sanitary) for about 1/10th the cost of a licensed dentist.
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