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Lesbian Sisters - richdon03 Sisters, Lesbian,
Just a couple of sisters doing their thing
Lesbian Ebony Step-Mom Catches Daughter - richdon03 Daughter, Catches, Step Mom, Ebony, Lesbian,
Lesbian black step-mother cathes her cute teen step-daughter playing with her toy and makes her lick her pussy.
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Lesbian Sex Slave-[B-03]-part-1-of-5 - charles-smythe Slave B 03 part 1 of 5, Lesbian,
Lesbian Sex Slave
The Bet

I was hanging with my friend Paige one Saturday night, and we were drinking beers and watching a movie. Usually I’m with a bigger group of people or with my boyfriend on Saturday night, but somehow just the two of us had ended up alone together at her apartment. It was about midnight when she came up with an unusual bet and I took the bait.

Paige was drinking Heineken out of a big glass pint mug and I was drinking small glasses of one of my favorite cocktails, Amaretto sours.

Hey, Linda, do you ever drink that Amaretto stuff straight or do you always mix it? Paige asked me curiously.

Usually I mix it, but it is so smooth I can do shots quite easily if I wanted to, I answered.

I'll bet I can drink three of these large pints of beer before you can drink three straight shots of Amaretto, Paige challenged me. She can be very pushy and demanding sometimes.

You're such an idiot, Paige, I told my friend. You think you can drink 3 pints of beer before I can...
Lesbian jokes - charles-smythe jokes, Lesbian,
What do you call a lesbian with fat fingers? Well hung.

What is the difference between a lesbian driving in the fog and eating pussy? If you are eating pussy you can still see the asshole in front of you.

What do you call a lesbian that lives up north? A Klondyke.

What do you call a 300 lb. lesbian? A bush hog.

What did the blind lesbian say when she went by the fish market? Good morning ladies.
Lesbian Slavery - modpar Slavery, Lesbian,
Lets post some lesbian slaves
Lesbian Slave Girls - bakerboy Girls, Slave, Lesbian,
Sexy, classy, erotic: Post them if you have them. Please no trash.

To have an idea where I am thinking here are two examples:



Leticia Beach | Lesbian Scene - richdon03 Scene, Lesbian, Beach, Leticia,
I Knocked Up A Lesbian - richdon03 Lesbian, Knocked,
This is not my story, but one acquired from the old Impregnorium.

I Knocked Up A Lesbian

I have had a thing for pregnant women for many years, there is just something about the way a womans body looks when it is sprouting that obscene bump in front, with those blossoming engorged boobs setting on top! It just does it for me!

I signed up for one of those yahoo groups a couple of years back that deals with fertility issues, as it seems they are all the time looking for sperm donors on there! A little while after joining I posted a picture online, and soon started getting hits. This lesbian couple were really into meeting me, and talking to me about breeding with them. I was estatic.

We talked on instant messanger for a while, and finally started placing phone calls to talk about it. These girls seemed like a lot of fun, and talk soon turned to making this thing happen. They were really interested in cock talk, and wanted me to describe everything about it. I sent pictures,...
One of My Favorite Lesbian Scenes In This Threeway - richdon03 Threeway, This, Scenes, Lesbian, Favorite,
Maya Hills and Micah Moore In an Amazing Lesbian beginning to a very hot threeway.

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Tags: lesbian, group, hardcore, small tits, tiny tits, flat chest, threeway porn star, maya hills, micah moore, teen, orgy Hills and Micah Moore take a big dick.mp4
Pregnant Lesbian and her Friend - richdon03 Friend, Lesbian, Pregnant,
Cute young pregnant lesbian makes out with her friend.

Amateur Interracial Lesbian Orgy - richdon03 Orgy, Lesbian, Interracial, Amateur,
This one is one for the record books.
Hot & Mean | Lesbian Hotel Hookers Bondage and Discipline - admin Discipline, Bondage, Hookers, Hotel, Lesbian, Mean,
Lesbians, S&M, B&D, dildos, Krissy, Brooklyn, Phoenix, Brazzers

Krissy gets a couple of hookers (Phoenix and Brooklyn) to do a private sex show for her at her hotel. When she tells them that she needs to see Phoenix dominate Brooklyn, Brooklyn tells her no, saying she never agreed to do an bondage performance. Phoenix decides to put the bitch in her place....
Thick and Thin Lesbian - richdon03 Lesbian, Thin, Thick,
I found this unusual, but totally erotic and very rare.
First Lesbian experience - Zach29 experience, Lesbian, First,
This was copied from Literotica.

Her First Time

By wvbutterfly©

Tags: lesbian, first time, cunnilingus

She walked in. I knew it was her from her pictures. She was just as pretty as her pictures were too. In my mind, I could see the other pictures she sent me as well, and I could imagine how her breasts were moving as she walked. We 'met' online. I responded to an ad she had put on one of those free sites, looking for another female. She was curious and had decided to take that next step. I had been looking for someone to play with, a friend with benefits, I suppose you could say, for some time. I am picky about my 'friends' though, and wanted someone of above average looks. And honey, where I'm from, that's hard to come by!

So we decided to meet at this little café somewhere in between where we both live. And this was the...
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