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Masturbation - Mrsrider Masturbation,
How and when did you first discover the pleasure of masturbation?

Mine was I was spending the night at a cousins house (female) she was three years older than me, I was about 13. She had started talking about all the porn movies/mags that she had found in her parents bedroom, one of wich was a movie with nothing but woman getting them selfe off. She continued saying that she had tried some of the things that the woman were doing and that it made her feel good.
She talked about it for atleast 15 mins before she finally asked if I wanted to try. I wasn't real sure about it however I did sound interesting. I pulled down my pj pants that I was wearing and she told me how to do it.
After a short time I realized why my cousin was so amazed with this. We both ended up compley naked playing with ourself and I've enjoyed it from that day on.
For the next few years every time I stayed with her we would always touch ourself before going to bed. The day I turned 17 her parents took me out for dinner and took us to see a movie. When we got...
Masturbation - jizzmonkey Masturbation,
My wife is out with her mother tonight and I'll be home home alone for a good few hours which means I'm likely to have a great masturbation session. Are there any good house hold objects or food that any of you guys would like to suggest I use?
Masturbation - It's Officially Healthy! - ClaesXCummings Healthy!, Officially, Masturbation,
PinkCherry wrote an article about it here.

Yay! Happy Days!
Female Masturbation Videos - richdon03 Videos, Masturbation, Female,
Thick Hairy teen , Laurie finger fucks her pussy and ass.
Masturbation !! - kev 24 Masturbation,
Since I'm very curious I wonder how it was for others !! I was told by a neighborhood boy about jacking off!! I was a pre - teen adolescent my little peter was just that I was at least 1 - 1/2 inches erect about 11yrs. old I couldn't give myself a hand job but I could use my forefinger & my thumb to work myself to an ORGASM !! I remember the first time when I came & ejaculated a small bit of semen !! I crossed into a hole new world of self satisfaction !! I do think Females
have an edge coz they have a button & a hole & us guys just have a Pole { I can call it that if I want } One time when I took my pants off & this Bitch says who are you going to satisfy with that I promply said ME It has been my favorite TOY. I would like to ask the guys about those hand held pussies ?? The Females .... EVERYTHING !!!!!:sleazy-smiley:
Masturbation orgy - missannethroap1 orgy, Masturbation,
Would anyone like to participate in a masturbation orgy?

Here's the idea:
We set a time and day for our orgy. It would be at that specific time in your particular time zone, so people on this forum from the Czech Republic wouldn't have to beat off at 3AM.
If you have a partner, you masturbate mutually.
Toys are fine.

Then, whomever had agreed in this thread to participate, posts pics or vids of the fun.

Wanna cum?
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