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Awkwardest Moment - Duckz Moment, Awkwardest,
What is the awkwardest moment that has ever happened to you? Mine is when I walked into my mom's bedroom and she was shaved!! I think I was about eleven.
Same-Sex Marriage Legal in Utah, For the Moment - richdon03 Moment, Utah, Legal, Marriage, Same Sex,
On Friday, December 20, a Federal Judge ruled Utah's Same-Sex marriage ban unconstitutional. After the ruling, the Salt-Lake City County clerk began issuing marriage licenses to same-gender couples. If it can happen in Utah, and survive the Courts, it can happen in any red state.
Most Embarassing Sexual Moment - richdon03 Moment, Sexual, Embarassing, Most,
Have you ever been watching a movie, totally convinced you understand what's going on, only to find out you're WAY off base?

My moment was the point at which the girl was revealed to be a guy in The Crying Game.:eek:

My wife and I were in bed and I was getting all hot and bothered, feeling her up and whatnot..... Well, all I can say is that the moment was ruined, and my wife thought it was a complete riot. I'll never forget that night. In any case, I should have known that Forrest Whittaker could never score a real woman who was that hot.
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