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Please use our Image Host, When Posting Images - richdon03 Images, Posting, When, Host, Image, Please,
To ensure that your images show on our page, please use ThasNasty's Image Host
Other image sites, sometimes, frown on hot-linking their images.
Please I need help.... - kaitlin01 help...., need, Please,
Hi. I recently had a break-up. I'm bored and lonely. I need someone to talk to. Kaitlin: (740)583-0840.
Ladies & Gentleman Please - dunkirk Please, Gentleman, Ladies,
Who is willing to admit to having done this, or had it done. referring to the Cleanup of another Creampie???
Ladies Please?? - dunkirk Please, Ladies,
Question, how many of you have drank your man's Piss???
I have had a couple of Women {Kinky} Bitches that Loved to drink it every so often.

One was my Mistress at the time,she was a Fantastic Fuck {but Crazy}
She was always fond of saying how she loved to worship Cock! Her husband didn't like giving it to her in the Ass and she Loved it, and she always cleaned up the mess afterwards! He found her Love for the yellow liquid gross, so maybe she was just doing it as payback???
Please Follow This Bitch! - richdon03 Bitch!, This, Follow, Please,
Please follow this stubborn woman, @MissPersiaLynn and tell her to get her ass over here and get to work. You'll probably have to ask her nicely, as she's an Asian Dominatrix, and shit. She's quite the post whore and she has lots of videos, but Gort ran her off from the other forum.

Please, educate me - missannethroap1 educate, Please,
I am curious about the etiquette of escorts.

All the stuff a beginner would need to know from start to finish.

How do you find the right girl?
How do you set it up?
How do you avoid anyone who is posing to be someone they're not?
How and when do you exchange money?
How do you keep from getting ripped off, robbed, hurt, or busted?

I'm sure there are tons of questions I need to be asking but don't know I need to ask them.

My interest is ladies, but I imagine most of this is the same if you're looking for same sex or fetish or whatever. Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

Call girl n00B, here.
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