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Poll Test: Why do you lurk? - Touch lurk, Test, Poll,
This is partially to test the poll function, but also out of curiosity directed at all those who pop in and lurk, but opt not to join in on the fun.

I'm curious why.

((I think the poll options will be coming up so if you see this posted with no poll attached, it's coming))
Poll: Why DO you post here? - Touch here, post, Poll,
Last night, I posted a poll in Welcome Wagon asking why people lurk.

Today, let's recognize and celebrate all those who do join in on the party and post one asking why. Why not? Just for fun!

I'm debating on whether or not to tick the anonymous box. In some ways it'd be fun to see who picked what.

It will be multiple option, so more than one answer is fine. It may also take me a little bit to write out, especially while juggling other things, but it's coming.
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