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Tower of Power 40th Anniversary! - Chimoti Anniversary!, 40th, Power, Tower,

We needed a little Funk! Watched this show the other night on AXS. Freakin' two hours of awesome!

What's your Super Power? - missannethroap1 Power, Super, your, Whats,
Real, or what you'd like to have the power to do?
The Power of the Pussy - Valentinaxoxo Pussy, Power,
In Spain, high end call girls have refused to see bankers. Until, that is, they start loaning money to less off families and small businesses. Now, if that is not the power of the pussy, IDK what is.

Although, truth be told, ALL girls need to get in on it, because the bankers are few and far between that can really afford the girls that are striking against them anyway........

But I love the whole idea....
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