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Prostate Massage - richdon03 Fisting, Anal, Massage, Prostate,
I've never actually seen this phenomenon in action, until today. Thanks to twitter. . .
Prostate - missannethroap1 Prostate,
I have an interest in achieving prostate orgasm.

I have done much research on the internet and found a lot of good information and stories that make me want it even more.

I'm having trouble finding mine. I've never come close with fingers. I think I hit it using a vibrator but I'm not sure. I know where the diagrams depict it. But, I also know there are some men who are not that sensitive there.

Another problem is that the vibrator I have is too thick for me to relax and feel comfortable. I know there are a variety of toys and home items that can work. But, I don't know if I want to spend money on something and not be happy with it.

First, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with this question which may help me:
Prostate release has legitimate health benefits as stated by the medical community. I'm at the age where a dr should do a prostate exam on me, anyway - though I rarely go to the dr, so this hasn't happened, yet. Some sources have said a dr will actually teach you how.
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