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Sometimes I Don't Feel Feminine... - ClaesXCummings Feminine..., Feel, Dont, Sometimes,

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I honestly feel like I wrote this article in my sleep and have no cognitive recollection of it.... I know her feels...
Sometimes I just roll my eyes - Touch eyes, roll, just, Sometimes,

Mini rant. I'm so used to this I'm not actually upset, though it may seem... I'm posting as much out of a moment of boredom as anything. It's just a snapshot of what rolls through my mind when Touch deals with idiots, even as I'm being polite in response.

Can you meet me at Lowe's about two miles from my house?

Ummm... yeah, that'd be a no. Do you have your pizzas delivered to Lowe's? Is that where you pick the plumber up when your toilet's leaking?

Okay. I get it. This is a little different. But, jeez... I offered my number for you to call. Call me, set your mind at ease and move on with things one way or another. It's business - being psycho isn't a useful marketing tool, nor how I convert first timers to regulars on a regular basis.

But, I don't travel without knowing where I'm traveling to. Is that wildly unreasonable? You don't know me, but I also don't know you and launching myself out into the night to an unknown destination...
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