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Life As A Truck-Stop Stripper - charles-smythe Stripper, Truck Stop, Life,
surprise Stripper -[GB-02]-part-1-of-2 - charles-smythe GB 02 part 1 of 2, Stripper, surprise,
Surprise Stripper
The Bachelor Party
My friend Mario got his girlfriend pregnant and had to marry her. At the last minute, some of his friends threw together a bachelor party at Mario's mom's house while she was out of town. Being a teenager himself, Mario still lived at home. Mario lived on my block, and his mom and my mom are friends, so I hang out with Mario, even though he is a little older than me.
I had no trouble sneaking out of the house to go to the party, because my dad was out of town, my brother and sister were staying with my aunt, and my mom was out to dinner with some friends from work. There were about 20-guys at Mario's. Some were friends of mine from school, and some were guys Mario's age, including a few I knew from the neighborhood. There was a keg and some bottles of hard liqueur open in the downstairs den. I slowly sipped a cup of beer, drinking being new to me.
I'd heard of bachelor parties that had strippers and such, but none of us, even the older guys, knew...
18 Ways To Piss Off A Stripper - ClaesXCummings Stripper, Piss, Ways,
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Vintage Stripper - ClaesXCummings Stripper, Vintage,
Dixie Evans - Music had been changed, it's horrible, listen to it silent or with your own music.
Stripper Stories - missannethroap1 Stories, Stripper,
I used to be a male stripper for a couple of months when I was in my early 20's. It was normally full nude female, but Thursday nigts were Ladies nights and guys stripped to thongs. It was mostly men in the audience but rowdy groups of chicks would come in, too.

I know all the guys and girls were fucking around with each other and the customers. I would only do private shows with guys I knew before I started working there, where I would strip, model my thongs, shave, just hang out naked, and jack-off for them - they always wanted more. But, I didn't ever even try to get anything going with anyone I knew from the club.

Anybody have any hot stories where they already knew a stripper or hooked-up with one they met at a club?
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