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What Happened To ThasNasty? - richdon03 ThasNasty, Happened, What,
First, I want to apologize for the down-time, today.

It appears that someone hacked one of my other domains on this server and spammed the crap out of some other forums, causing problems for my hosting company. The offending domain has been shut down. Unfortunately, I missed the e-mails from my hosting company (they must have gone to my spam folder) and didn't know there was a problem until I tried to access my site and it was gone. In any case, we're still here, and this site is safe.
Absolute ThasNasty Corrupts Absolutely - Touch Absolutely, Corrupts, ThasNasty,
There must be some correlation between ThasNasty and testosterone production.

Late afternoon yesterday, I bumped into an old friend at the store, her two young sons in tow. You've gotta come back to the house and hang out! Okay, so I did.

Long story short, we're friends. There had been an interest on my part 15 years ago, but since then she's had a good husband I get along with and respect, a really good guy. There's really been nothing to things.

So, we sat out on her deck and chatted for hours and hours, drinking beer and sipping some wine. Typical - I mean we just run our mouths and lose time normally. But I swear to fucking God she was flirting with me at times (not hardcore, but it was there) and I was sitting there thinking... holy shit, what the fuck... her husband, who I respect, is asleep inside and I'm thinking thoughts I really should not be thinking. This... is... bad. And you know me, you start even a little bit of a flirting game... and what am I gonna do? So, there I am averting my gaze a lot more...
ThasNasty Party Primary Elections - Touch Elections, Primary, Party, ThasNasty,
As I see this and that about Republican primaries drifting across the news feed, I wonder.....

Can't we have some fun with that?

Can't we create our own fictitious ThasNasty Party? I mean, fuck... what better party could you have other than one of which people would say... Thas Nasty... and don't forget that Party in the name, right?

Why don't we hold our own mock primary process... but, all in the name of fun, not in the name of politics and contention and all that?

Want to run for ThasNasty Party president? Want to goad someone into running? This is the thread for that.

Candidates - open up a thread of your own in this section of the boards with the subject PLATFORM: to give the platform you're running on. We're not talking serious political platforms... keep it light and ThasNasty or tongue-in-cheek or whatever.

The platform threads can also be a good place for questions for the candidates.

Elections can be held this weekend in the form of an anonymous poll thread - single vote only.
POLL: Creative ThasNasty Member Names - Touch Names, Member, ThasNasty, Creative, POLL,
Okay, so how about a poll to vote on the most creative or funny ThasNasty user name?

I've picked out 6, but there'll also be a write-in option, so either vote on a name that's up or look through the member list and write one in!

Poll is anonymous, though I don't know that really matters here.
ThasNasty Video Laughs - Touch Laughs, Video, ThasNasty,
Post videos for a laugh with a ThasNasty theme.

I'll go first!
The ThasNasty Radio Thread - Touch Thread, Radio, ThasNasty,
How about a ThasNasty radio thread?

Either post something that totally fits the ThasNasty vibe.... maybe the crudest song you know of.... or just post a tune you're feeling at the moment.

I'm kicking it off with one of the most direct and graphic I know of. I nearly fell over the first time I heard it, especially since at that time I didn't know many women/girls who'd talk like this - though obviously I/we do now!

It's Liz Phair's Flower, but back from her first album before she went all pop princess a la Why Can't I and all that. And the video someone created for this is kindof funny at points as it follows the words.


Every time I see your face
I get all wet between my legs
Every time you pass me by
I heave a sigh of pain

Every time I see your face
I think of things unpure, unchaste
I want to fuck you like a dog
I'll take you home and make you like it
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