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The Dumbest Thing Ever - missannethroap1 Ever, Thing, Dumbest,
Let's hear you admit the stupiderest thing you've ever done/said.

Don't be mean and talk about others' idiocy.
I could fill 2 internets with that thread.
Only, things you've done.
Things so dumb, you've only admitted to someone super close or no one at all. So dumb that you're more comfortable admitting your nastiest most perverted kink in front of a Sunday School class with your grandmother in it than you are admitting it here on an anonymous site.

I'll start:

I was 20. I was preparing the bedroom for my 1st child. I wanted my favorite shade of light blue paint to be on the walls when my son came home from the hospital. I went to a home improvement store and started looking at a very large paint selection. After looking at several brands of paint, all with a number of different labels. I got a little confused. Gloss white, satin white, flat white - each type of paint had 6-8 different versions of white. I looked around. Up and down 3 massive aisles of paint. I finally approached the very non-helpful clerk who'd been chatting with someone...
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