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20 Things I trust more than Obama - charles-smythe Obama, than, more, trust, Things,
20 Things I trust more than Obama

1. Mexican tap water
2. A porcupine with a pet me sign
3. Bill Clinton, with my teenage daughter
4. A fart while fighting the flu
5. An elevator ride with Ray Rice
6. Taking pills or a drink offered by Bill Cosby
7. A Bigfoot sighting
8. A Hillary Clinton war story reported by Brian Williams
9. Gas station sushi
10. Jimmy Carter, with the economy
11. A Palestinian on a motorcycle
12. Pete Carroll coaching decisions
13. Eating an apple from an orchard at Fukushima reactor #4
14. Hitching a ride from a guy in a goalie mask
15. The ingredients in a hotdog
16. Nancy Pelosi'grip on reality
17. Black Ice
18. Jerry Sandusky as a Boy Scout leader
19. Alien abduction stories
20. Barney Frank in the shower asking you to pick up the bar of soap
Amazing Things Using Simple Objects. - richdon03 Objects., Simple, Using, Things, Amazing,
Carrot Clarinet!

This is really cool! and simple, if you can play a reed instrument.

16 Things You Didn't Know About Sleep - charles-smythe Sleep, About, Know, Didnt, Things,
16 Amazing Facts About Sleep That Will Surely Impress You

You need to sleep every day and sleeping is so important to you that lacking it could shorten your life. But I guess you didn't really know much about sleep until you read this, right? Some of the facts about sleep really surprised me! I hope you've learnt something new about sleep from this infographic.

16 Things You Didn't Know About Sleep

Want to sleep better? 10 Unconventional (But Great) Sleeping Tips You've Probably Never Heard
Things You Don't Want To Hear, Before/During/After Sex - OneArm BeforeDuringAfter, Hear, Want, Dont, Things,

Anything at all?

Thing's I'll Do To Val - OneArm Things,
This right here, is how it starts. Val, you're not ready!

Just getting warmed up
What Do These Things Mean? - richdon03 Mean, Things, These, What,
While trying to read escort ads, I find myself feeling as though I'm in a foreign country and I guess, in a sense, I am. Can someone please define the following terms for me?


I know that's a lot to ask, but, darn. It's kinda hard to figure out.
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