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Well here I am - realhippy here, Well,
I hope y'all don't think I'm too ugly.. LOL
Well, Hi - colonelscout312 Well,
Hey all, my birthday date is accidentally off, I'm only 18. I joined cause I kinda wanna do a mature roleplay. I'm a guy by the way.
Well, I'm still here! - richdon03 here!, still, Well,
Gotta pay the mortgage! Damnit! :balling:
Well Rich...u missed it - Valentinaxoxo missed, Rich...u, Well,
I finally went on Chaturbate......i have much to learn but I did it!!
Well, DAMN - OneArm DAMN, Well,
This thread is for all those pictures that make you say damn, when you see them.

example: rl-to-hold-a-fart.gif
Well 4am - gscpl86 Well,
We meet again. Another great evening sorry no pics this time, I possibly have a video tho if I can ever figure out how to post it. Been together with my girlfriend for 8 years now and we still go at it like crazy.. I mean non stop. Is that weird? .. Oh well plenty more to cum from us!

I am here:
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