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Please use our Image Host, When Posting Images - richdon03 Images, Posting, When, Host, Image, Please,
To ensure that your images show on our page, please use ThasNasty's Image Host
Other image sites, sometimes, frown on hot-linking their images.
When you jerk a guy off where do you like to shoot his cum and why? - glen68 shoot, like, where, jerk, When,
Do you finish him fast or slow and can you tell when he is about to pop
Oral Sex: When was your first time? - richdon03 time, first, your, When, Oral,
When did you have oral sex for the first time? I was very, VERY young. Probably under the age of five. It was this older kid (not a girl) from down the street. He couldn't have been more than six or seven. It was on the side of my grandmother's house, right where the neighbors could have seen, if they had been looking. I still get a bit disgusted when I think about it. I thought it was kinda gross. The first time I had oral with a girl, it was with my girlfriend, Cathy. After the way she reacted, I was hooked for life, and I got really good at it. The funny thing about her is that she just told me that her dad taught her everything she new about sex, since he had been molesting her from the ages of 12-16.
When He's Not Posting On Here..... - richdon03 Here....., Posting, When,
This is what he's up to.....:sleazy-smiley:

Gay Massage brought to you by PornHub
I Was Babysitting When I Found Their Porn - richdon03 Porn, Their, Found, When, Babysitting,
It was the very first time I baby-sat for a young couple, Al and
Barbara, when I discovered a magazine rack loaded with foreign-
language pornographic magazines. The pictures were really sexy,
couples were fucking and sucking in all sorts of positions, men were fucking
women's cunts, assholes and mouths, shooting their cum up
their cunts, assholes and into their open mouths, and women were
getting down on each other, ramming big dildos up each other's
cunts and assholes as they licked and sucked one another. These magazines made me so horny that I couldn't help taking off my clothes and frigging my hot cunt with my fingers until I had come three times. My pussy was drenched
and swollen by the time I had gone through all the erotica available. I
had even managed to insert two fingers into my anus while I
rammed my thumb up my cunt and had experienced an orgasm the
likes of which I had never had with boys, even though I was 20.
When Did You Know You Were Gay and.... - richdon03 and...., Were, Know, When,
...when was your first time? I have two brothers who are gay, and many of my daughter's friends are. I've always wondered how early a person knows. I just asked this guy I work with yesterday, and his answer surprised me. He said he knew when he was about 16, but had never been attracted to a guy until he was over at a friend's house drinking. Prior to that night, he had only been with girls and was totally attracted to them. He was alone with a friend of a girlfriend, and one thing led to another.

To make a long story short, he was done with women after that. I didn't get it, and I still don't, but he is DEFINITELY gay!

As for my brothers: One says he always knew. The other says he kinda knew, but wasn't certain until his early 20's. My mom says she knew when she caught him sucking my cousin's cock. Of course we were in the room watching, but we didn't consider it gay, since we were 11 or 12 years old, and they didn't talk about that kinda stuff then. Gay still meant happy.
When was the last time you masturbated at work? - richdon03 work, masturbated, time, last, When,
I haven't worked in an office in about 4 years, but in my former career, I used to masturbate in the restroom pretty regularly. I never got caught, but the thrill of it was always exhilarating. Reading an erotic story while the other OMs were in the room was always great fun... and very risky.
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