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James Brown and Lucianp Pavarotti! This Is A Man's World - richdon03 World, Mans, This, Pavarotti!, Lucianp, Brown, James,
Never saw this, until today. Never would have imagined it happening. This is beautiful!

Tiny Tits Babes from Body Flash World - bodyflashworld World, Flash, Body, from, Babes, Tits, Tiny,
Tiny tits are popular in our community... GF Videos and Live Sex Chat with lovely girls that want to talk dirty to you!
It's a Small World After All - Touch After, World, Small,
So, shit get's weird sometimes.

I was contacted about a week ago by this guy. It's been difficult to schedule with him, but we talked today and almost worked out a late late appointment. As I was talking to him, though, he hadn't given me his address, but told me, I live in (neighborhood) in a house of gay roommates, down on the bottom floor.

It took a while for it to click, then dawned on me... I've been there... the guy who has the place, lives there with his partner and rents the other rooms (and basement) out is a long standing client of mine. I've worked on (and fucked) him and worked on (but not fucked) one of the other roommates when he was referred to me by my client.

Because I knew my client has openly talked about me to the others to refer them and most of the roommates have seen me come and go and have known why I was there (thus the only point of discretion is what actually happens in the sessions, not that I'm there for massage), I decided to have a...
V's World - Touch World,
I get it.

When they guy's spent years on the board of directors of major corporations...

...when the frickin' powder room has its own crystal chandelier...

...and intricate gold leafing IN the sink, which rests on ornately carved exotic wood...

...when the custom built climate controlled wine cellar has you falling over backwards gazing at 130 cases of fine wine, floor to ceiling...

...when the guy owns a Ferrari racing team and also drives...

...and the guy says, let me know if you need anything... like maybe a Ferrari for a party (I changed this to correct the quote)...

you better believe I blew that mother fucker's cock 9 ways from Sunday and kissed the bald spot on the top of his head.

I get it. And I'm not the most material of people.

Just sayin'.
ThasNasty! Book of World Records - missannethroap1 Records, World, Book, ThasNasty!,
Here, you can list any outstanding personal sexual achievements you have or have achieved.

Biggest/smallest cock or tits.
Most or least amount of cum in your ejaculate.
Distance of male ejaculate or female squirt.
Number of partners.
Number of partners at one time.
Most orgasms.
Stories explaining your best or worst fuck and/or fuck partner.
Craziest place had sex.

You get the idea.

Please, make this about your pesonal sex records.
And, since this is the internet and we have no way of verifying, please don't exaggerat as realness is much hotter than sensationalism. (But, if you do have pics or anything, please post. I'd LOVE to see the world's tiniest titties.) Not, that any true ThasNasty! members would deceive, but there are trolls.
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