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File Sharing Links: I want Your Feedback - richdon03 Feedback, Your, want, Links, Sharing, File,
On many porn forums, there are tons of links to sites like rapidgator, hotfile,, etc, which can be pretty cool if you like free porn. The problem is that, often, the image links or some of sharing links have viruses attached to them, and they tend to over-run some forums. I have maintained a practice of deleting all posts containing file-sharing links, for that reason. I tend to get many new members attempting to post such links, who quickly get silenced.

Allowing the links will gain many new members, and tons of new posts, but open up the forum to a level of risk with which I am not comfortable, but it is your forum, so I'd like your feedback.

Val Needs Your Thoughts and Prayers - richdon03 Prayers, Thoughts, Your, Needs,
Valentinaxoxo was severely impacted in the recent hurricane. While she is fine, she suffered some major losses in the storm. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
Where Do You Get Your Kicks? - richdon03 Kicks, Your, Where,
I'm just curious. Where do you find your adult fun, other than at home? From escorts? A specific porn site? Cam Site? Swinging?

Obviously for me, lately, it's been cam sites. Chaturbate, specifically. Before that, it was video sites, and before that, we were swingers . For now, though, chaturbate is like Disneyland to me.
Alice In Chains - Your Decision - Johnnyandholly Decision, Your, Chains, Alice,
Your First Swinger Party - richdon03 Party, Swinger, First, Your,
I was just reading a post on another forum about a couple who had just experienced their first swinger party, and it reminded me of our first one.

I had mentioned to my wife that I always wanted to watch a live sex show. She went searching on the internet and came across the website of a local swinger who threw parties in the next state. My wife decided that, for our seventh anniversary, we would go to this party, and we did. I'll not go into too much detail, other than to say that, while we didn't actually participate, we got more than our fill of observation, a few kisses, and had the most incredible experience of our lives, up to that point.. and amazing sex after. I was immediately addicted to the open sexual atmosphere,and found that, even though most of the participants were much older than we were, it was one of the most arousing few hours of my life. We are approaching our 20th anniversary, soon, and I still get off to some of the scenes, that night. The lady who put on the party was 62, then. I suspect she's...
Your First Time - bigsc Time, First, Your,
Thought I'd do my part in keeping the forum busy by trying my hand at starting a post... lest see how it goes

Do you remember your first time?
What were you scared of, and what do you regret? Now that you're experienced, how good was it, really? Do you still keep in contact with the person, or are they long gone?

I'd love to hear everyone's stories, and maybe even see a picture or two :cool:
Who's In Your SpankBank? - richdon03 SpankBank, Your, Whos,
I was hanging out in HeatherCole1's Blog, Vagina Antics, today, when she asked this question, regarding famous people. I've only got a few mainstream famous people who fill that bill, but only in certain contexts.

1. Jessica Simpson (as Daisy Duke, only).
2. Phoebe Cates (Fast Times At Ridgemont High)
3. Sissy Spacek -- Gotta love the Ginger!
4. McKenzie Phillips (One Day At A Time) --She probably cost me my first 10 kids
5. Valerie Bertinnelli (One Day At A Time)
6. Jan Brady
7. Sasha Grey
8. Kitty Jung
9. Belladonna
10. Pinky
What's Your Twitter? - richdon03 Twitter, Your, Whats,
If you've got a twitter account, please post it in this thread. Touch needs followers.

Mine is @ThasNastyCom

If you don't already have one, it's easy to sign up.
Your Gender! - richdon03 Gender!, Your,
I'm noticing that sometimes the incorrect gender is listed in some profiles. I'm asking everyone to check your profile and make sure your gender is correct. Thanks.
What's Your Twitter - richdon03 Twitter, Your, Whats,
I have added a space for twitter and tumblr accounts in your user profiles. If you wish to add yours, just enter User CP and click Edit Profile.

In the left column, below your Bio, you will see the boxes to enter your info.

These fields are not required, and you must have at least five posts before you can enter your tumblr page.
Fuck You And Your Big Cock - richdon03 Cock, Your, Fuck,
Leilani Red, a thin, pale natural ginger takes on a fat black cock.

Tags: Babe, Hardcore, Interracial, Movie, Pornstar, Redhead
Clone Your Bone / Create a mate . Match your snatch - Jackhammer043 snatch, your, Match, mate, Create, Bone, Your, Clone,
Has anyone ever tried this ? Cant find clone your bone anymore though.
What Was Your first Porn Movie? - richdon03 Movie, Porn, first, Your, What,
The first porn movie I ever watched was called Hot and Saucy Pizza Girls.

I saw it at the Rebel Drive-In in Austin,Texas in 1981.

It starred John Holmes and featured Desiree Cousteau, Candida Royale, Laurianne Dominique, Christine De Shaffer, Vicky Lindsay, and Amber Rae. It was kinda campy, but very hot, for its time.

What was yours?
Women. What Do You Call Your Juicy Bits? - richdon03 Bits, Juicy, Your, Call, What, Women.,
We used to call my wife's pussy Sally. Slippery Sally.
Guys, Do You Name Your Weiner? - richdon03 Weiner, Your, Name, Guys,
We used to call mine George. I don't remember why.

What do you call yours?
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