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She could kick you ass - nphxcpl4fun kick, could,

MMA Fighter Miesha Tata
An ass you could eat off of... - bigsc of..., could,
Found these pics, and thought they looked very tasty. Does anyone else have some they'd like to share?

Looking for asses (or assholes) so beautiful you'd want to eat off of it
Sent from my Blazin SGS2E4GT Running Rooted ICS leaked by Sextape!!
Guys, if you could suck your own dick - dick, your, suck, could, Guys,
Would you? For me that question is easy. Absolutely. I love sucking dick. I swallow. I love masturbating. I would totally guzzle my own cum if I could suck my own dick. Hell, anytime someone saw me at the house I'd have my dick in my mouth.
I really could skip days like this. - Touch this., like, days, skip, could, really,
Just saying.
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