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The driver. - Waggy driver.,

It's a girls' night out and I agree to be your designated driver. Which means picking you up, a little tipsy, from where y'all chose for the evening's festivities.

I arrive at the requested time and call your cell to let you know I'm here. A couple minutes later you come out. You look yummy - toned legs in stockings rising into that short, tight skirt topped by a deep v-neck blouse. My mind flashes to memories of several hours ago helping you dress and almost getting you here very, very late.

I get out of the car and open your door for you, offering you an arm as you slip into the deep bucket seat. I have a perfect downward view of cleavage and flash of lace tops of gartered hose as you slide into the seat - mmmmmm - gotta love low-slung sports cars.

I bend into the car and softly kiss your lips. You smile up at me as I close your door and slip back behind the wheel.

The night out has done you good. You look relaxed and I drink in the sight of you. The glow of the...
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