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Where are we from? - nphxcpl4fun from, Where,
Many gods?
Evolution beginning with a spark of lightning striking murky water?
Aliens experiments?
Any combination of the above?
Anything else?

Weigh in, where are you at and what do you think?
Hi from Ga. - Flattop67 from,
Hello All, We are a married couple who often enjoy a walk on the wild side we have checked out quite a bit of this site and like what we see! Hope to have lots of fun here.
Hello from North Carolina - Johnnyandholly Carolina, North, from, Hello,
Hello everyone,we are Johnny and Leigh from Lincolnton NC,married couple for 25 yrs and in the lifestyle for 17,we hope to meet some great friends here!!:the-missionary:
Hello from TN - jay_blzn from, Hello,
Sup forum,

I'm new to this forum and I have found it to be very interesting. I'm a married 31y/o, 6'4, str8 male, and I am looking forward to getting to know you all.
I got bit from my puppy... - kellbell puppy..., from,
The place where he bit me was on my left boobie....:big-boobs: I have a little purple dot on my boob. He even chewed a hole through the shirt trying to bite me. OUCH!!!!
any females from NY looking for fun? - burntoast9 looking, from, females,
as stated im from up state N.Y 30 mins up from Manhattan... looking for some fun and foreplay and for you to sit on my face with i lick your asshole and pussy and squirt all over me...

fuck u hare to make u call the police for brutal stuffing....

20yr hisp
Hello from upland Cali - Offroadtoy Cali, upland, from, Hello,
Hey everyone enjoy reading. Some good stuff here.
Hello from Phoenix..... - 1985bears Phoenix....., from, Hello,
Hello everyone, I've been playing around with Backpage, Valentina's site and here. I've never really done the forum thing but with the talents of people like Rich, Touch, Valentinaxoxo and more... I'm going to jump in and give it a go.. and what better topic than sex. I enjoy the fact that people aren't being judged here and there is an underlying sense of family and fun. So, don't be shy to say hello, I'm an easy going, playful man who will always say what is on my mind... ask Valentina what the topic I started in your chat room.. hehehe

thanks and hope to hear from everyone...:rolling_laugh::big-hug:
Hi from Ontario Canada - Hotcangirl36 Canada, Ontario, from,
Hey everyone im Kristy. I just found this great site and hope to have a lot of great times here
Timeline from historical figures - missannethroap1 figures, historical, from, Timeline,
I heard some Pakistani citizen actually tweeted the raid on Bin Laden's compound when he was killed by Seal Team 6.

Can you imagine what FaceBook or Twitter pages would look like from famous people throughout history?

John Hinkley commented on Jodie Foster's Wall Jodee dis 1z 4 U babe ;)

Martin Luther King Jr's Status Update, I sure hope that funny tasting fried catfish from the diner tonight doesn't affect my dreams

Charles Manson added Squeaky Fromme and Tex Watson to his Family.

#BigBootyLewinsky Hey, girl, don't forget to drop off your dry cleaning @PrezBubba69

Martha Stewart shared a video How to Keister Cell Decorations for Easter

10,000 Likes and the governor agrees to shoot Gary Gilmore, himself, Live on the Phil Donahue Show

#hottsismosmond how r we gna tell mom u prgnt wit my kid ??? :[ @lilbitroknrol
Hello from Texas... - Ilikealilfreaky Texas..., from, Hello,
I'm 39 yrs old, and I live a lil to the east of Big the tapatalk app and I ended up here shortly after, figure this could be more entertaining than reality tv...
New here from Canada - proline Canada, from, here,
Hey 22 yr old male here from Langley bc just thought I'd say hi to everyone!
Hello from Indiana - lafayettemale05 Indiana, from, Hello,
Hello just wanted to stop in and say hi. My soon to be wife and I are talking about inviting a woman for her first time. I have also opened her mind to the idea of her having sex with another man. She now has her eyes a friend (female) who is also interested a young well built male that works at a cell phone store.
I must say she doesn't think she could watch me with another woman. But might give it some thought at some point. However I told her my fantasy revolves around watching her with another man. This excites me to no end.
She also confessed she wasn't to sure about admitting she wanted another male until I brought it up to her.
Our sex is incredible when we engage talking about our fantasy's. Funny how the person you first meet isn't the person you first thought.
I should have said she has her eyes on a female friend for one fantasy and a young male who works at a cell phone store.
Anyone from Northern California? - WLShafor California, Northern, from, Anyone,
Who's from the sunny state of California?

What area are you from?

Did you grow up in Cali?

What's your job tittle?

What's your relationship status?

What's the best thing about living in California?

A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work.
Near the Capital

Finish carpenter

I love how short our winter season is
Saying Hi (from the new girl) - HeatherCole1 girl, from, Saying,
Hi, y'all.

I followed the forum on Twitter, and since you were so kind to post an excerpt from our sex blog, I thought I'd join and check it out. Thanks very much for that.

Can't wait to see what's in store here.

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