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I'm going out... and when I come back... - Touch back..., come, when, out..., going,
...oh wait...


Just saw that.  ADD moment.  Now what was I saying?

Crickets.  That's right.  This place is like crickets.
Ex GF is going back - 42ner back, going,
Folks, I want to know your opinion on this...

It's been like almost 5 years already and my ex gf is coming back home from Australia where she migrated and got married... We don't have any communication anymore for almost 5 years also.

She sent me an email through Linkdin... As she doesn't know my email address anymore, as she's my ex gf, I created a new secret email address so we can keep in touch and my wife won't and hopefully will not find out about.

She's arriving in on Aug 21. We are scheduled to meet on Aug 25. She's travelling alone to see her family back in the province. She wants to see me and lately I saw her photos... and what I saw was just.... WOW...

Folks, i want to ask her if we can have like secret lives.. Friends with Benefits, Fuck Buddies... something like, whenever she's here, we can fuck and when I travel in her place, I can see and fuck her there...

going to be gone for awhile - Hott69 awhile, gone, going,
Due to some personal problems I'm going to Take some time away from you all. Thank you all for your support during this time. I will check back later today And inform you of anything new. This might sound odd but Touch, Rich, Missann. If we were all together I'd give you a great big:big-hug:. Val if I ever meet you , you will get a great big:big-hug: and big :kisslips: in a special spot. Thank you all for being thier for me.
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