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going to be gone for awhile - Hott69 awhile, gone, going,
Due to some personal problems I'm going to Take some time away from you all. Thank you all for your support during this time. I will check back later today And inform you of anything new. This might sound odd but Touch, Rich, Missann. If we were all together I'd give you a great big:big-hug:. Val if I ever meet you , you will get a great big:big-hug: and big :kisslips: in a special spot. Thank you all for being thier for me.
I'll be gone for a few days. - Touch days., gone,
I'm spinning this off a thread in the welcome section. Rich hadn't caught the fact that I'll be leaving tomorrow for a few days, going to visit my kids (and wife). I'll probably be around in the morning off and on as I get things ready, then you probably won't be seeing me till Friday... I won't be on a computer up there and can read but not post from my phone (email is linked in my profile, though, if anyone wants to shout).

Mixed feelings. Great to see kids, nice to see wife but it'll be a roller coaster of a few days. It's like that with us. It's what's torn us apart. I've been looking forward to this and not.

But, you will need an ambassador pro tempore.

And if I don't catch you tomorrow morning, I'll catch you all.... maybe Friday night, probably. Miss ya!
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