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Wife's grooming decision - decision, grooming, Wifes,
Ive noticed a change in her grooming habits as of late and haven't said anything. I wanted to see if she has just been lazy or if it was an active decision.

So she hasnt shaved or trimmed her pussy in about 3 months and hasn't shaved her armpits in about a month. Now before I go on, let me say that I think it is totally hot!

So I get home the other night. She is laying on the bed naked with wet hair. She has her legs spread eagle and her arms over her head. I walk in after work and say, Just get out of the shower?

She says, Yeah, I had a couple friends over. They left about a half hour ago.

I say, Anything interesting happen?

She said, Yeah. Had a few drinks, got naked and had a threeway. My pussy is still throbbing from the orgasms.

I said, Nice. So are we not shaving anymore?

She said, Wasn't planning on it. Do you not like it?

I said, Oh no, I love it. You are hot!

She said, Thank you baby. I'm kinda enjoying the natural look. Come over here and lick my pussy and...
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