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Why is it so hard to find a girl to have a 3 sum with - bigmich with, have, girl, find, hard,
My fiancee and I and been looking for a while now for a girl to have a 3 sum with us but it always seem they either just want me or are just messing with us I wish it wasn't so hard
Few I have - perv6969dude have,
Any ladies have a guy cum inside your mouth, ass, or pussy.... - glen68 pussy...., mouth, your, inside, have, ladies,
Or while giving him a handjob without even suspecting he was cumming until it was too late? Describe your experiences in detail along with your reaction
How do you have a sex dream? - colonelscout312 dream, have,
I'm curious about this. I'm a virgin, and wanna stay a virgin till I'm married. But this intrigues me.
Does anyone have any Gianna michaels vids? - im~white vids, michaels, Gianna, have, anyone, Does,
I've been looking but I can't find any Gianna michaels vids that I haven't seen. Can you help me find some?
I want to have sex with my Mom & Sister - reedman Sister, with, have, want,
I have been attracted to both my mom & sister for a long time. I think maybe the reason i am attracted to both of them is because they look so much alike. I have fantasized about having sex with both of them, and masturbate over photos of them alot! I have never acted out on my desires to sleep with either of them because I am afraid that the feeling is not mutually shared. What makes things worst is that we are a very close, affectionate family. Whenever my mom or sister give me a hug I start to get hard and want to do more... but I am scared to act out on it.

There has been a few awkward moments when I thought my sister may have noticed that I was getting a hard-on while we were just playfully wrestling... and a couple of times when my mom would be hugging me and I got a hard-on. If either of them noticed, they didn't react to it ... maybe out of embarrassement, I don't know.

I am so frustrated that I don't know what to do. I really want to experience sex with either my mom...
Where I have been - raritan been, have, Where,
I actually registered here at a particularly low point in what has been a kind of roller coaster an on-again/off-again interratial relationship, where I thought finally we are going to be going separate ways. It seems I am back to a new high point again...

I do actually prefer serial/monogamous intimacy, hence I actually tend and prefer to have long duration intimate relationships. This particular one started because she fancied me when seeing me speaking at Harvard, and so I became the object of the chase, rather than the other way around.

She has decided recently that the problem she has is that she is a commitment phobe, after reading men who can't love, and deciding that it applied to her. I tend to be less judgemental, but I do not like roller I have not yet really decided even how I truly feel about her wanting me so completely again, though it has not stopped the very intense sex life we do have when we are together....

What to do?
Do you have a tattoo in honor of your lover? - GraceFisherman lover, your, honor, tattoo, have,
Do you have a tattoo in honor of your lover / partner / spouse? :)
how close have you come to getting caught? - khagar1 caught, getting, come, have, close,
I banged a girl and when I got home my wife actually wanted to fuck for one of the few times a year. She asked why I couldn't get hard as fast as normal. I had to think about fucking the girl to get hard to bang the wife.
I have this very strong desire - desire, strong, very, this, have,
to hook up w/ an older woman (cougars, milfs, whatever you want to say), there's something about the idea that just really gets me going, and i can't explain why . . .any suggestions on how to go about exploring this particular fantasy?!?! is
Straight older guy wants to have gay sex - 45Shooter have, wants, older, Straight,
Hi I'm married I want to have some hot gay sex. I want to suck a cock down my throat. I want to swallow a load of cum. I want my ass pounded deep and hard. I want a guy to cum on me.
How does a guy go about finding a safe partner to do this with?
Please help me.

I also like to cross dress I would love to do this dressed s a slut
I have not been posting as much... - Valentinaxoxo much..., posting, been, have,
Not that I have not been here, because clearly I have. And on backpage. And in my chat room, here and there. I dont want anyone to think I have nothing to say, or that I am losing interest.

I keep a blog, and a diary and my candid accounts and thoughts are what I share, always. Well, as you all know I did go to the boob dr about the implants and have decided against them. (Yay for my natural DDD'S right?).

What I had not planned on was having a little lump in my breast. While I am quite sure its nothing, I have cleared my schedule, and have just decided to do nothing for the next week. I am going to have a biopsy (it was wed the 25th at 1) but now its TOMORROW at 730am (clearly, they do not know the valentina rules of acceptable wake up times, and perhaps I will text touch just to make myself feel better!!).

I am going to figure out how to write about this on my site, in both the blog and diary section, again, since Im a pretty candid person. But I just wanted to let YOU GUYS here know that my silence...
Probably should have posted on here first. - looking to please first., here, posted, have, should, Probably,
Hello, everyone. Not sure what to say, but lookin forward to meeting new fun and exciting perverted people.
.Bisexual women 'have more health problems - charles-smythe problems, health, more, have, women, .Bisexual,
Bisexual women 'have more health problems

I think if you look at the data, you'll find that homosexuals have a ton of health and mental problems too due to the genetic defect they have in being attracted to the same sex. tation.html
post id: 4255369681
What some have been waiting for - Touch waiting, been, have, some, What,
Okay, so a couple of you have been waiting for another story.

Even though I do have one of those true stories I've been asked for and owe, I'm going to switch things up and write one that'll be fictitious. Normally, I prefer the real life ones, but every now and then pulling something out of my head can be fun, too.

Seems like a slow night for appointments. I haven't really pushed hard for that because I know some weather's rolling in and it might be better just to stay in anyway. Snow doesn't always deter me, but I'm just not up to the being out in the yuck... plus, I've been dealing with some other things.

So, I'm gonna pop out to the store and will take the time to write some at some point tonight after I've settled back in and my mind's switched gears to shake other stuff.
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