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New here - HARDRock here,
Hello all love the site so for :):boink:
Sactown california here hi I am DS - uncutsac here, california, Sactown,
Hi I am new here pretty much. from Sacramento California area. looking to make some new friends from other places as well others from my area.
So looking to hear from others.
Host your images here - richdon03 here, images, your, Host,
If you have adult images that you'd like to upload and hotlink to your posts, you can do so for free by using our free hosting system. There is a link at the top of the site, or you can click here. If you want the images to be private, be sure to click the box before you upload. All you have to do after your images are uploaded is copy and paste the code in the boxes below your images.

This image is hosted and resized there.
Image hosting sites that can be used here - Johnnyandholly here, used, that, sites, hosting, Image,
With us Being Admins for years and having knowledge on building websites we know how much bandwidth is used through attachments so with that being said we thought we would share a few with everyone to help the site out,add yours if you have them!!


1. imagevenue -
max. file size: 3MB
no gif
no registration required
no zip-upload
upload up to 20 pics per batch

2. imagehaven -
max. file size: 3.0MB
no registration required, but recommended (additional features)
upload up to 50 images per batch

3. imagebam -
max. file size: 3MB
no registration required, but recommended (additional features)
upload up to 30 pics per batch

4. imageupper -
- Image types allowed: gif, jpeg, jpg
- Maximum image size: 2.5 MB
- No registration required
- No pop-ups or spyware - Unlimited hosting period
New here - hotdd here,
This is my first time.....on this website :0) I am looking for willing partners for threesomes/gangbangs I am really excited about the endless possibilities and conversations I am willing to try anything once Look forward to hearing from everyone
Northern California here - ShadowTracer here, California, Northern,
Hello from NorCal.
Probably should have posted on here first. - looking to please first., here, posted, have, should, Probably,
Hello, everyone. Not sure what to say, but lookin forward to meeting new fun and exciting perverted people.
New here - 2005star here,
What's there to do? Haven't figured it out yet ;P
New here from Canada - proline Canada, from, here,
Hey 22 yr old male here from Langley bc just thought I'd say hi to everyone!
anybody on here live in Washington state? - Ashton crotcher state, Washington, live, here, anybody,
Im just curious there is anyone else on here that lives in Washington?
New guy here - minnguy77 here,
Hey new guy here just thought I would share a couple pics. I am always taking requests and enjoy sharing. Let me know.
Poll: Why DO you post here? - Touch here, post, Poll,
Last night, I posted a poll in Welcome Wagon asking why people lurk.

Today, let's recognize and celebrate all those who do join in on the party and post one asking why. Why not? Just for fun!

I'm debating on whether or not to tick the anonymous box. In some ways it'd be fun to see who picked what.

It will be multiple option, so more than one answer is fine. It may also take me a little bit to write out, especially while juggling other things, but it's coming.
Newbie here with Intro Pics! - LvS19 Pics!, Intro, with, here, Newbie,
Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum and I figured is get the couples section going with some pics of me and my husband having some fun last night..enjoy!

Sent from my SCH-R720
Ah hell, why not...... I'm here - Touch here, not......, hell,
Rolled over from BP. :D
hrygrlslvr here - hrygrlslvr here, hrygrlslvr,
    I just joined and I love the beautifully rounded cheeks of the female bum! Particularly their dark little browneye deep within those cheeks!
    I prefer to see women and girls left natural; unshaven and with no silicone! I adore puffy nipples and all things pertaining to females.
    It can be said of me; He love all to deeply, not wisely. I 've eaten every creampie I made and any offered to me no matter which hole it's from. I've tried letting women turn the tables by using their strapon to fuck me. It was sensational! I've been taken over a dozxen time that way and have had several hands-free anal orgasms during each fucking. I recommend any man to try it!
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