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Nola here... - neuroseduced here..., Nola,
From the new Orleans area!
Sitting here... - alajackd here..., Sitting,
Horny as fuck. Val, sit on my dick.
Piedmont area, NC here... - tipjustin here..., area, Piedmont,
Hello everyone! I've been lurking here for a while, and finally decided to join.

I guess the freakiest I've been was when I was in the military (late 80's/early 90's), but these days, I'm a pretty tame family man. I guess the 2 craziest things I did were overseas:
I walked the stairs in downtown Frankfurt one night, and hooked up with 3 different call girls in one night. Yes, I was in my prime. Those were the days.
Also, while still in the military, I met a gorgeous, curvy (not really overweight, but just the right amount of fat in all the right places - very well proportioned) 35 year old babe (I was 21), left the club with her, and she fucked my brains out that night/morning in the back seat of her car. I'll never ever forget her.

So far, I've really enjoyed reading everyone's posts. I absolutely LOVE the fact that no one seems afraid to just bare it all and lay it all out there. No shame or embarrassment. I've got to admit that I've read a couple of things here that I'm a little shocked at how much they aroused me, as I...
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