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A woman walked into a dentist office - charles-smythe office, dentist, into, walked, woman,
A woman walked into a dentist office and asked how much it would cost to extract a wisdom tooth.

That will be $80, the dentist said.

That's ridiculous, the woman spat. Isn't there a cheaper way?

Well, the dentist said, if I don't use an anesthetic, I can knock it down to $60.

Still too expensive, the woman whined.

Okay, the dentist countered, if I save on anesthetic and simply rip the teeth out with extraction pliers,
I could probably get away with charging $20.

Nope, moaned the woman. It's still too much.

Hmmm, the dentist pondered, scratching his head. If I let one of my students do it for the experience, I suppose I could charge you just $10.

Marvelous, the woman beamed. Could you book my husband in for next Tuesday?
a man goes into a bar... - charles-smythe bar..., into, goes,
 A man goes into a bar orders a beer & drinks it.

After every glass of beer he finishes, he pulls a picture out of his pocket and stares at it.

After the 4th beer the waiter asks him why after every glass of beer he pulls the picture out and looks at it?

Then the man says: It's a picture of my wife. When she looks good to me I'm going home.
carbon dioxide waste made into plastic - FrancosItalianArmy plastic, into, made, waste, dioxide, carbon,
I'm having mixed feelings...should we capture it and launch into space or make more plastic which will eventually make the world one day into a whiffle ball..... icles/recycling-carbon-dioxide-make-plastics
I think I've turned into a whore lol - chumchum whore, into, turned, think,
So since my fiancé and I separated I've been bouncing from Dick to cock but I haven't found the right one that makes me want to actually stay with any of them, so I got in contact with an old friend from middle school and asst first it was innocent flirting then the other night he comes to my house and he has friends in the car with him I didn't pay it any mind until it was just him and I in the car so of course I gave him the best head of his life lol when he was done he gets out and one of his friends switches places with him and I was sort of confused until he pulled his pants down and his cock was beautiful so I go down on him and he loves it next thing I know he cums and another friend get in so I ended up blowing 4 guys who were very nice and they all said thank you which I thought was sweet. Anyway, I enjoyed being used like that and I wouldn't mind doing it again haha.

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