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Joined since 2/15? Welcome / get to know the new members! - Touch members!, know, Welcome, since, Joined,
Okay, we've been slacking again on welcomes and I figured I'd do another big welcome post, running through everyone who's joined since the 15th... take a look through and see who's here from where.... and if you're on the list, speak up and say hi!

There was a surprising lack of Zonies in the mix... but, New York rocked, giving us the most new members. Things break down like this:

NY - 4 // TX, OH, CO, WA - 2 each // other states represented... FL, CA, TN, MN, PA, NV, NH and SC

Internationally, 2 new Canadians, but also members out of Australia, the UAE and Malaysia... always good to see ThasNasty going international.

And the newest members to welcome are...

labkey - An Aussie! That's an accent we need more of around here! I've taken two trips out that way in the past and loved Australia. Welcome, mate!

dirtyyolo - Registered as somewhere in the USA... how mysterious. ?He? could be anywhere... right next door... and you'd never know. Hmmm. Join the party, yolo!
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