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Please I need help.... - kaitlin01 help...., need, Please,
Hi. I recently had a break-up. I'm bored and lonely. I need someone to talk to. Kaitlin: (740)583-0840.
sometimes we need fresh idea - kenlee22011 idea, fresh, need, sometimes,

I'm bad need her fuck my ass - domyass need,
I'm jacking off beads in my ass
horny in need of help - hornycockinohio help, need, horny,
I am new here, and have question for all the women or even men who are in my position. My wife and I have had an open marriage for a long time. She has always enjoyed me eating other guys cum out of her slut holes. She has always said she wanted me bi but, now she doesn't and wants to stop our open marriage after getting me liking cum and liking cock. How do I get her to start treating me as a bi sex slave and feed me cock and cum?
I need help from you guys - chumchum guys, from, help, need,
Okay so I really want to get a Nefertiti but my husband is totally against it. How can I persuade him to change his mind. I've tried telling him it'll be pleasurable for both of us but he keeps telling me no
Feeling horny need input on what to do guys and girls - scradley17 girls, guys, what, input, need, horny, Feeling,
I need some help…! - Lilmermaid18 help…!, some, need,
So, lately, I've been, like, SUPER horny. And, being single, I've resorted to masturbation. But here's the problem: it's not working for me anymore! I usually just use my hands, but I don't get the same excitement as I used to. I don't have a lot of money, so I can't buy myself any toys (sad face).
Do any of my fellow ladies have suggestions? Or even guys? I would really appreciate it!
Love y'all bunches! <3 ~A
I need to find a woman that can do this... - Redlen17 this..., that, woman, find, need,

What I would do to her :D
I need a subname... - Valentinaxoxo subname..., need,
I dont know what it is called, but Touch is friends call me tease. Currently under my name it says Published Author. So, gimme something SEXY, and HOT, and UNIQUE and fitting for ME!!
I need my pussy licked!!!! - kellbell licked!!!!, pussy, need,
Paint (my guy) hasn't licked or sucked on my pussy forever...I know he wants to, but I don't know what the deal is...cause when he would do it, I was squirting so much into his mouth and was cumming so many times over and over...when we have sex I'm able to have multiple orgasms cause I am cumming at the same time as he is, and its soooooooooo fucking awesome.:P

I just need my pussy licked :(
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