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Naughty night in - jizzmonkey night, Naughty,
Me and the wife are having a naughty night in tonight and wondered what everyone's favourite pornstars/movies are so we can buy some to enhance our evening.
What a great night - bsbabygirl night, great, What,
I married my wife just a few months ago and she moved to Texas from oklahoma.. so that meant she had no friends here. I took her out to a local club where there were a bunch of my friends and their wifes. Long story short music was loud beer and wine was flowing and not one not two but four of my buddies wives were all kissing my wife.. so effin hot. We had talked later if that's something she wanted and we both agreed that bringing another woman to bed was ok. Rules were set .. but sad to say nothing has happen to date.. we fuck each other like crazy and there's always bedroom talk of it..
If anyone has any advise on how to approach my wife with suggesting a swing night - Westminsterwill night, swing, suggesting, with, wife, approach, advise, anyone,
So much fun last night - night, last, much,
So I got off work around 5. Got home and took a shower. Walked out holding a towel in front of my cock. Ericka walked up to me and pulled the towel off. She grabbed my cock and lead me to her bedroom by my cock. She pushed me onto the bed and started sucking my cock. Before I could cum she got on top of me and started riding me. She had 2 very wet orgasms and then I shot my load all inside her pussy. Afterwards we laid in her bed kissing and holding each other. Then I said I needed to go check on the wife.

She was in bed with her vibrator pumping her hairy pussy. She saw me and said, Just the man I was looking for. Come here honey. So I got in bed with her with my cock still wet from erickas pussy. She said, Been busy already? I hope you saved some for me. She started sucking my cock. Not for forplay reasons. She wanted to taste my cock. She said, Mmm. Tastes pretty good. She put down the vibrator and got on her hands and knees. So I got behind her, grabbed her big, beautiful ass and...
The wife surprised me last night - night, last, surprised, wife,
So my wife is damn near a lesbian as of a couple months ago or so I thought. I got off work and went home and saw something unexpected but was incredibly hot.

I walked in, showered and went to say hello. Walked in the bedroom and the wife was in bed with her boss (a guy) and another guy she works with. When I walked in she was on her hands and knees and her boss was fucking her from behind and she was sucking the other guys dick at the same time. I cleared my throat so she would look at me. She looked kinda startled. I French kissed her and grabbed her boob and left her to finish her business
Outta Left field last night - sexlovepain night, last, field, Left, Outta,
So completely outta left field last night.

Wife- Babe if I tell you something, will u promise not to get mad?

Me- OK? what u got?

Wife- I'm scared to tell u

Me- What?

Wife- I find myself attracted to a few women, does that make me gay or bisexual? whats wrong with me?

Me- Well if ur finding women attractive, then ur normal. 90% of women ar bi, 5% don't know they are and the other 5 wont admit it. And finding someone of your own gender attractive isn't gay. Gay is a lifestyle. Ur friend _____ is gay, he goes to gay bays and is a complete fairy!!

Me- Its all good though!!

Me- By the way, Who are we finding attractive? :sleazy-smiley:

Wife- LOL I like how u put that!! Who do WE find attractive!!

Me- Im so turned on woman!! answer the question!!

Wife- I dont know just a couple of gurls!!
Val last night - Hott69 night, last,
I was tired last night and missed an oppurtunity to say. Val drinks are on you, Do I get to like it off? What would taste good on ur body 7&7, jack & coke, fuzzy navel, sex on the beach, screaming orgasam, or a $1,000 bottle of champane? One can only dream.
WTH happened last night / this morning?... - Touch morning..., this, night, last, happened, my dreams.

I got a tattoo, was interested in becoming a tattoo artist (really?)... and both Ozzy (I'm not a huge Ozzy fan at all) and Jerry Garcia were there working in the store. And I was kissed by a very unattractive girl I went through massage school with as part of some attempt to get someone's contact info that I wouldn't give her.


And to top it all off I have an Afghan Whigs song hanging in my head almost like it was in my dreams too... and it's a song I'm kinda so-so on.

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