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pizza-[G-28 ]-(blowjob-swallowing)-part-1-of-1 - charles-smythe blowjob swallowing part 1 of 1, pizza G 28,
Delivering Pizza
I work for the Pizza In place near where I lived. One Friday evening I was delving a pizza to an apartment. When I got there I knock on the door and the man said, “Come on in.”

When I walked in the guy was in the bathroom. As I stood in the living room waiting, I noticed that he had a porno movie on TV. Being a typical teenager, I watch while I waited.
A few minutes later, when the guy came out of the bathroom he was naked. Oh god, I gasped when I saw his erection. I was only 20 and didn’t have much to go by but it looked large to me, over 7-inches long and very thick. I’d never seen a man’s cock before, much less an erect one so I stared.
The guy saw where I was staring so asked, “Have you ever had sex with a man before?”

Embarrassed, I whispered, “No.”
Smiling, he walked over and took the pizza out of my hand and then replaced it with his cock in it. Without thinking I grasped it and gently squeezing it. As I stood there holding his cock, he placed...
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