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Best wake up call ever - Rider06 ever, call, wake, Best,
This morning as I was asleep I started to get the feeling of excitement. As I wake all the way up I find mrsrider with my cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She sucked until I filled her mouth with my cream, she let it all run down her throat, finished cleaning off my cock and said good morning Hun it's time for work
So, when you wake up in the evening... - Touch evening..., wake, when, it called EEHO (Early Eveing Hard On) instead of EMHO?

Oh what an opportune time to choose to go to the store. :rolleyes: Why yes, yes... my belt buckle is sticking out a little... Fuck aren't you observant... look at you with the looking at my crotch... now can I ask why?

*yawn* Damn. That sleep sucked. And now I've got the groggy that I didn't have this morning. EEHO, groggy, some abdominal cramps and I are going off to the store.
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