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Something to get your weekend started off - mrsbigpoppa40 started, weekend, your, Something,
Hot weekend - jizzmonkey weekend,
Me and my wife decided it was time to introduce a guy into our fun and games. After I sucked on the dildo the other week I was more than happy for his to go ahead.

We found a guy that was willing and we got him back to ours. There were some rules that he had to follow and he did brilliantly in following them. He was basically just there to watch, touch and get his dick sucked.

There was some foreplay which was enjoyed by all of us then me fucking my wife while he watched and touched us both. After a while she grabbed his cock and pulled him over to suck it. I loved watching my wife suck dick, then she kissed me. I could taste his saltiness, it was the 1st time I'd tasted a guy. I liked it. She sucked it more and kissed me again. I could see the precum making her lips shiny so i licked it off. As we started kissing again he slid his cock between our lips and before I knew it I was sucking the shit outta his cock and my wife was fucking herself with her dildo. Next thing I knew I wasn't just sucking his dick, the dildo entered my mouth too... I was sucking 2 dicks...
this weekend - chumchum weekend, this,
Omg on Friday I went back to the doctor to thank him for saving my life...he pulls me in a seperate room...he asked me if everything was ok , I said I found a safe place to turn to and he said good I started to walk out of the room he brushes past me and touches my ass so I asked him why he did it he said it was pay back for me rubbing his dick last time I stared at him and motioned him over to the table in the room... he sat down and I locked the door and walked over to him I slowly took out dick and started to suck him he grabbedthe back of my head and started fucking my mouth and ti be honest I was suprised he then forced my head down and came in my throat I could feel it sliding down slowly he then just gets up and walks out of the room and just leaves me there I kind of liked the feeling of being used
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