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Delay creams, do they work - stuart.s work, they, creams, Delay,
Hi folks, i suffer from premature ejaculation and its really getting me down. I get so turned on with my wife and always have to stop and start.
Fortunately my wife comes really quick too but i would just love to be able to last a bit longer.
Does anyone have any experience with creams and where would i get them? Is that something doctors can prescribe? Or would i just source online?
Bored at work - jizzmonkey work, Bored,
I got bored at work so decided to take a pic of my penis.

I would love to hear what you all think
The hubby is at work and I'm horny - Mrsrider horny, work, hubby,
Rider06 is at work and I'm horny as fuck!!! So ladies and gentlemen talk dirty to me and help me out with giving myself multiple orgasms
His work - Mrsrider work,
So rider06 is a firefighter and as I went to visit him at work yesterday ( as the wives do sometimes) I couldn't help but notice how wet my pussy get with just the thought of fucking on a firetruck
Off work - scradley17 work,
Hey every one I blew my knee out at work today and will be on the couch for a while and I'm Guna be crazy from being board any ideas of what I can do to keep from going completely crazy
Come on people, work with me !! - dunkirk with, work, people, Come,
: I see men, sixty, seventy years old breaking their balls to stay fit! What for? When I die, I want to be sick, not healthy.

At work and wet. - Susie78 wet., work,
It's been awhile that I've been this horny and wet at work. Sitting here at my desk trying to concentrate at the task at hand and all I can think about is having my pussy licked. What's a girl to do?
When was the last time you masturbated at work? - richdon03 work, masturbated, time, last, When,
I haven't worked in an office in about 4 years, but in my former career, I used to masturbate in the restroom pretty regularly. I never got caught, but the thrill of it was always exhilarating. Reading an erotic story while the other OMs were in the room was always great fun... and very risky.
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