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Real Asian Incest Sisters
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This video was made by a pair of very popular Asian porn stars from Indonesia, who happen to be sisters, Nyomi and Jade (the thinner one) Marcela. Jade had been in the porn business for a while and encouraged her sister to get into the business. As the story goes, Jade was married to a a producer, who discovered that she and her sister liked to play with each other. He encouraged them to play on camera, and this is the result. There is another video floating around but, to my knowledge, neither of them was actually released, because they are kinda illegal. As you will see, there are no limits with these two. This one has been sitting on my hard drive for years. Give yourself some private time for this one.

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(07-19-2012, 04:09 PM)firepolock Wrote: great vid, woulda loved to be part of that action

I think they're both so pretty. Nyomi (the thicker one) did an interview once and said that she enjoyed her shoot with her sister better than any one she's ever done. Jade is very aggressive in every film she does. She loves this stuff. I've seen much of Nyomi's work, and I'd have to say it's obvious that she likes her sister. As pretty as she is, she's not very energetic in most of her films.

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Very nice

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Bump. These two are so beautiful.

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