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hrygrlslvr here
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    I just joined and I love the beautifully rounded cheeks of the female bum! Particularly their dark little "browneye" deep within those cheeks!
    I prefer to see women and girls left natural; unshaven and with no silicone! I adore puffy nipples and all things pertaining to females.
    It can be said of me; "He love all to deeply, not wisely." I 've eaten every creampie I made and any offered to me no matter which hole it's from. I've tried letting women turn the tables by using their strapon to fuck me. It was sensational! I've been taken over a dozxen time that way and have had several hands-free anal orgasms during each fucking. I recommend any man to try it!

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Well, welcome, mr hrygrlslvr!  You make quite an intro.  I look forward to your contributions!

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